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Our Faith

Nicholson Catholic College is a Catholic high school, and as such it aims to help our young people in such a way that the development of his/her own personality will be matched by the growth of that new creation which he/she became through baptism.
Our school community is one dedicated to Christ, where Christianity is learned by everyone. We believe in the need to give each and every student opportunities for growth and self expression.
All members of our Christian family must be given opportunities to:
  • Be accepted, respected, welcomed, and honoured
  • Enjoy openness, trust, joy, and a positive spirit
  • Proclaim and live the Gospel values while critically confronting and challenging our society
  • Be a caring, concerned community which faces the global challenges to serve others selflessly
  • Practice their faith in God and use the inspiration and example of His Son Jesus as a model for our every day lives
St. Michael & Our Lady of Fatima
(School's Home Parish)
Located at 296 Church Street in Belleville, ON.
St. Joseph Parish
Located at 399 Victoria Avenue in Belleville, ON.
St. Gregory the Great Parish
Located at 7 Church Street in Picton, ON.