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Dual Credits

The PASS (Partnering to Achieve Student Success) Dual Credit program is a School/College/Work Initiative that is offered by 3 Eastern Ontario Colleges in Partnership with nine area school boards. 

What is it?
Students participate in apprenticeship training and/or postsecondary courses, earning dual credits that count towards both their high school diploma and their postsecondary diploma, degree or apprenticeship certification. 

Who is it for?
Students who desire learning opportunities outside of high school and who would benefit from a college or apprenticeship experience are suitable candidates. 
Note: To ease scheduling many students take their dual credit course in conjunction with their high school cooperative education program. 

How it helps…
Students have the opportunity to:
  • Earn high school credits while studying at College
  • Acquire experience that will assist with postsecondary education or apprenticeship training
  • Gain a head start on learning and training for their future careers. 
    For more information contact the Guidance Department.