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Ontario Student Record (OSR)

The Ontario Student Record is the official school record for a student. Every Ontario school keeps an OSR for each student enrolled at that school. The OSR contains achievement results, credits earned and diploma requirements completed, and other information important to the education of the student.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

The Ontario Student Transcript provides a comprehensive record of the credits that a secondary school student has earned towards fulfillment of the requirements for the graduation diploma. This record will include all the credits gained by the student using regular study and correspondence, independent study, private study, continuing education and summer school. The transcript, which is part of the Ontario Student Record (OSR), will include the following information:
  • ​A list of all the grade 9 and 10 credits achieved with percentage grades
  • ​A list of all grade 11 and 12 courses taken or attempted by the student, with the  percentage grades earned and the credits gained (students repeating a course for which they have already earned a credit will earn only one credit for the completion of that course)
  • Identification of any course that has been substituted for one that is a diploma requirement
  • Confirmation that the student has completed the community involvement requirement
  • Confirmation of successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Requirement.
    ​Note: A copy of the transcript is provided on request when a student graduates or leaves school for other reasons.

Full Disclosure

As a result of legislation passed (as of September 1999) all attempts at a senior course (grades 11 and 12) whether successful or not will be recorded on the transcript. Repeated courses will be shown on the transcript. Both marks will show but only one credit will be granted. Courses withdrawn from (after 5 teaching days following the mid-term report) will be recorded on the OST with the grade at the time.​